We regret to inform you that despite all efforts, Unsold.com has been forced to cease normal business operations effective immediately and has had to cancel all future travel reservation(s).

Like so many others, our business has succumbed to the unrelenting effects of COVID-19, including the new delta variant that continues to wreak havoc on the travel industry. Extended government-imposed travel restrictions and additional lockdown requirements, hotel closures, rising fulfillment costs, and massive cancellations have resulted in exorbitant unforeseen costs. These factors have made it impossible for Unsold.com to continue normal operations.

The real cost of COVID-19 in the world is very high. Like so many around the world, the Unsold.com family too has suffered from the loss of life and livelihoods; with the final blow being to those who trusted us with their travel plans, our clients.

We are working with our suppliers to attempt to lessen the negative impact of our business closure on your future travel plans. Please contact your hotel or accommodations provider directly for information related to any pending reservation(s) you may have.

Our team is striving to refund all customers that we can over time. Refunds will be processed in the order they are received here

— Unsold.com Team